Accsoon CineEye 2 Pro Wireless Transmission Receiver Unit

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Accsoon CineEyes 2 Pro Receiver Unit, can only be use with Accsoon CineEyes 2 Pro.

The Accsoon CineEye 2 Pro Receiver is a pro wireless 1080p60 receiver featuring a line-of-sight range of up to 1200'. The receiver is paired with your existing transmitter, which can support simultaneous transmissions to up to four receivers as well as via Wi-Fi to your iOS or Android devices. The HDMI output sends the video to a monitor or other video destination for monitoring.

The CineEye 2 Pro system uses both dual-channel transmission with automatic channel selection and interference reduction to maintain a quality image over long distances. It also adjusts the bit rate and image quality for optimal image transmission. Accsoon image controls like focus peaking, zebras, false color, and LUT overlay give you precision image control.

To support all-day usage, the receiver has a built-in L-series battery plate as well a DC power input. It can be mounted on any standard mount or rig using its 1/4"-20 mounting thread.

Key Features

  • Adds an additional receiver to existing CineEye 2 Pro transmitter

  • Receive up to 1080p60 video

  • HDMI output

  • Up to 1200' line-of-sight transmission

  • Transmitter can send video simultaneously to up to four receivers or Wi-Fi transmission to four iOS/Android mobile devices

  • Power using built-in L-series battery plate or DC input

  • Channel scan function

  • Focus peaking, false colors, zebras, and LUT overlay