Zeapon Micro 2 Plus Motorised Slider

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Micro 2 Plus series uses high-precision turbine self-locking structure, with electronic control, can support horizontal,
inclined, and even vertical smooth motion. With up to 4.5kg carrying capacity in all angles,
this series pushes the weight limit of consumer-level motorized rail slider to a new level.


  • 360°Super Weight Capacity

  • Double Distance, Small Size

  • 30s Magnetic Quick Release

  • Timelapse preview with single tap

  • Easy Button Setting Triggers
    Shooting in One Second

  • Fluid Damping Technology

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy

  • Safety Lock



Micro 2 Plus

Micro 2 Plus Motorised


34.7 cm

43 cm

Total Travel Distance 56 cm 54 cm
Weight 1.3 kg 2 kg
Payload 4.5kg(All Angles) 8kg(Desktop Mode)
Main Materials Aerial Aluminum Alloy & ABS Composite
Working Decibel 39 dB
Idling Battery Life under
Video Mode (reference)
F550 - 4 hours / F750 - 7 hours / F970 - 14 hours
* Timelapse Battery Life is subject to parameter settings under different scenarios
APP Compatible Systems Android / iOS
Connection Bluetooth
Power Supply Operation Capacity:7V~8.4V 1.5A
Input Voltage:9V-12V
Compatible Battery F550 / F750 / F970


The Micro 2 Plus series uses a high-precision turbine self-locking structure with electronic control and can support horizontal, inclined, and even vertical movements. With up to 4.5kg carrying capacity in all angles, this series pushes the weight limit of consumer-level motorised rail slider to a whole new level.



High 4.5kg payload in ALL angles. Suitable for all DSLR's, CSC and small cinema cameras. 


The Micro 2 Plus series inherits the advantages of the original design, By having an extendable design, you can ensure that the slider won't show in frame as well as gaining extra travel distance!


The motor design incorporates a magnetic belt which allows users to switch between manual and motorised settings in as little as 30 seconds.

Additionally, the built in belt tension provides users the option to adjust the belt tightness, allowing a range of stability for different cameras.



The Micro 2 Plus motor comes with a simple button interface to allow directional movement. All it takes is a press and hold to start moving in either direction or double click for constant travel. 3 speed modes can be adjusted on the fly for extra precision. 



Video Control
You can set customized paths of motion and waypoints (consider them keyframes) as well as movement speed in the app.


After setting the path and waypoints either through the app or manually, the camera runs the configurated pattern in loop.

Quick Timelapse
The App supports customization of parameters such as the exposure time and duration.
It does this by automatically calculating the video duration and applying an setimation of the number of photos taken in a given timeframe allowing you to get the most precise motion at your fingertips.

Advanced Presets
The App incorporates multiple shooting scenario presets such as sunrise, sunset, streets, and night sky.

this allow s ease of use for novice timelapse shooters.

TIMELAPSE CALCULATOR: The ZEAPON LAB app automatically calculates the video duration and estimates the photographing time and the number of photos based on your preset motion path and speed, helping you to get the most precise motion at your fingertips!

TIMELAPSE PARAMETERS: The ZEAPON LAB app has multiple presets for making different time lapses such as sunrise, sunset, streets, and star lapse.

You can soon become a time-lapse master with the help of the ZEAPON Time-Lapse Calculator!

One-click Preview

ZEAPON have innovative technology allowing you to record a clip or view through the camera screen directly after setting the motion path to determine whether the subjects are correct as well as the moving speed which would be appropriate. This allows the software to pre-visualise something which is time intensive, thus saving it.

Upcoming Control Modes

As ZEAPON continues to develop new shooting ideas, more control modes will be released as time progresses, here are some of the previews pf what's to come.


The Micro 2 Plus series integrates the low-profile mount to the body of the rail slider, allowing for a plug and play workflow over arduous assembly.
The high quality material paired with the supporting feet allow a robust yet lightweight setup. When not in use, the slider can be protected in the included portable travel bag. 


 The Slider has a belt locking button at one end, which supports locking of the carriage in any place.This is useful for situations where you would like to briefly protect the slider from moving around such as between shot changes and during disassembly.



ZEAPON realised the needs of different users in mind and added multiple control buttons to control the slider.  You can travel left and right and set three speeds of operation. At the same time the colour changes of the lights indicate the remaining power of the battery.


The Motor introduces a buffer design technology in its circuitry which allows it to achieve a gradual start and stop of the rail slider in order to avoid vibrations that would come from an accelerated movement.

This reduces post-processing of the videos as it eliminates micro jitter. Plateau tangents are incorporated into the motor so you will get a smooth start and finish movement in the shot.

The slider is powered by a high torque step motor with a minimum noise of 39 decibels, freeing you from noise reduction techniques in post production and allowing you to focus on shooting in the moment.


The Micro 2 Plus motor is designed with a power-off protection mechanism which prevents your equipment from damaging in case of a power outage.
In any emergency, the rail slider will cease to move and automatically lock the carriage.


The Micro 2 Plus motor supports standard lithium batteries such as NP-F550, NP-F750 and NP-F970.



  • 4.5kg capacity
  • 54cm total travel distance
  • Travel in ALL directions 
  • Full motorised or manual modes 
  • Can be controlled with or without the ZEAPON app
  • IOS and Android app for control and programming 
  • Standard L series NP-F batteries 
  • Advanced magnetic Quick-Release belt design