ZEAPON Motorized Control Modular For MICRO 2 M600

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Newly released by Zeapon after their popular portable slider Micro 2 M600. This must have add-on motorized control modular can provide countless ways to shoot your signature video clips.



Key features:

  • Less than 1kg self weight
  • Max. payload (Horizontal) 8kg
  • Working Load (Other Inclined Angle) 4KG
  • Ultra quiet motor (39Db)
  • Smart phone app
  • 14 hours battery life (NP-F970)
  • USB Type-C with PD.


  • Weight: 0.75kg
  • Size: 15cm x 10cm x 5cm
  • Battery type: F570/770.970
  • Power: 7v-8.4v 1.5A
  • Input power: 9-12V

Content list:

 1 x Control Modular

 1 x Screw Driver

 1 x USB Cable

 2 x Screw Level

 2 x Tunning Socket

 2 x Cable Lock