eDry, humidity rate maintaining specialist, has been in the business of developing and manufacturing de-humidity cabinets for over 30 years. They have been crafting many variations of such cabinets based on different industrial requirements since 1987 from Taiwan.


A Series Dry Cabinets:

The patented semi-conductor chip is used in the dehumidifying technology, and the highly effective dehumidifying performance can reduce the moisture from 70%RH to 40%RH in only 30 minutes. It can also maintain and stabilize the humidity within the ideal range(25%-60%). Furthermore, the micro-computer based smart auto-transformation power-saving mode can save a lot of power.                               

C Series Dry Cabinets:

EDRY has accumulated more than 25 years of technology in independent research and development and mainframe manufacturing, and now it is using the asset for building this highly efficient, stable, durable, power saving and environmental friendly dehumidifying core capable of reducing the humidity from 70%RH to 40%RH in 5 hours.The cabinet is noise free. Even during power failure, it can run continuously for another 24 hours. 

Musical Instrument Protection Series Cabinets:

Music instruments are very sensitive to humidity. Take string instruments as example, violins/guitar will getting series damage when exposed to unsafe humidity level in long term. Minor issue would be the instrument out of tune very often. Under some extreme situations, valuable musical instrument collections would have severe damage, like none-repairable cracks on the body. It's time to choose a proper humidity control cabinet to protect your instrument/investments like other people do. 

SL Ultra Low HR Series Dry Cabinets:

Industrial desiccating and moisture prevention must be fast and stable. EDRY leads the world to launch the extreme speed desiccating ultra low humidity main desiccating unit to lower the humidity level to less than 10% within 5 minutes and maintain stable 1%RH lowest humidity level in long period of time. One hour after power up , even with power interruption, it will maintain less than 15%RH humidity level in a period of 24 hours. It can completely replace nitrogen filling and other dry air equipment. 

Inquiries for all SL Ultra Low HR cabinets, please contact us directly by email  or phone:02 9547 1888. 

Household Humidity Maintaining Wardrobe:

EDRY wooden storage cabinet has patented air filtration and purification circulatory system. It not only filters odours but also adsorbs dust mites. Layers of ventilation design fits into humid weather of Taiwan. Shoes, bags and clothing, all can be easily stored in perfect condition. Cherish your dearest possession and let everything looks 100% fresh and make everyday feels beautiful.


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