In the field of professional carbon fiber camera sliders, photographers often have higher' requirements for the slider's lengthstability, and multi-axis operation. Traditional carbon fiber sliders often rely on mechanical follow focus rods to achieve panningand focusing functions, but this cesign lacks the fexibility to adiust tuming speed and angle, making the tuning process complexand prone to losing track of the subject being filmed, rendering it a somewhat ineffective feature The newly introduced AXIS multi-axis motorized slider series by ZEAPON utilizes high-quality carbon fiber as the mairsupporting material. The central control slider intearates a motorized pan-tit head for panning motion and can be linked withZEAPON's proprietary PONS pan-tit head to form a multi-axis motorized slider, enabling true multi-axis operation and filmingcapabilities for the slider

True Dual Axis No Tuning Required
AXIS multi-axis series adopts an integratedmotorized pan/tilt head, which canautomatically follow the focus tracking, nomatter how the slider and the subject areplaced, just simply set the start and end points.

Lcd Central Control Screen,Start Filming Within 5s
Most of the slider functions work through the LCD central control screen.Ifthe phone is dead, the Bluetooth works not well, or you are not used to APPyou can put the phone aside and operate it with the buttonsand follow the options displayed on LCD, which is easy to understand

Switch Three -Axis in a Second
The pan head of the slider comes with a quick-mount interface, making it fully compatiblewith the PONS motorized pan head and PONS Tilt Arm Kit.Upgrading to a three-axis setup becomes simple and cost-effective.

One-Click Switching, Seamless Manual Control
By releasing the lock buckle, you can instantly switch to manual mode on the slider,completely separating the belt from the motor, the slider movement is no longer dragged by motor

10KG Great Safety Load Range
Carrying on have duty equipment can still be stable

The Lock of Slider and Pan Head
Slider lock located below the battery compartment can secure the left and right movement ofthe slidermaking it convenient for temporary transitions and transportation, thus avoiding equipment damage.The pan head lock on the sice of the central control head can temporarily lock rotation of the pan.making camera installation and disassembly even more convenient

Power Supply Without Batteries
When the battery is low or during extended usage,you can directly power the slider using any 5V 2A power bank or power adapter

Scales to Help with Memorization
In both the pan head and carbon fiber track, memory scale ruler have been designed to aid in positioning during shooting and enable precise decision-making

Multiple Support Modes,Combining Stability and Flexibility


Barcode # 6970684670728
Shipping Weight 7.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.250m
Shipping Height 0.920m
Shipping Length 0.210m

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